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Xbox One One Guide Confirmed for Australia

Xbox Australia has announced the Xbox One OneGuide will be coming to Australia, and Xbox One Preview Program users will be able to experience the new features in a public preview.

OneGuide aims to enhance the TV watching experience on the Xbox One console, enabling a combination of live, free-to-air television with apps and other features. Users can navigate the OneGuide using a controller, or utilising voice commands via the Kinect; such as verbally stating the TV channel they wish to watch.

The OneGuide is also able to be customised, allowing users to favourite their channels for easy access. Xbox One owners in Australia will now also be able to watch TV in Snap mode, while utilising other features or simply playing their favourite Xbox One games. Smartphones with the SmartGlass Beta app can also use the app as a remote control.

Xbox Australia confirmed over 40 apps will be available for Australia which include ABC iView, Foxtel Play, Plus7, tenplay, SBS on Demand, Quickflix, Plex and more, with more local content to be announced during 2015.

Alongside the announcement it was also revealed the Xbox One Digital TV Tuner will release in March and will retail for $39.95 AUD.

The TV Tuner will be able to be connected via a USB connection, as an alternative to utilising the HDMI-In port to use access TV content from a free-to-air box. The Tuner can also be used to stream TV across the local home network to a smartphone or tablet using the SmartGlass app, allowing the ability to pause, rewind and fast forward your television from your device. The new features will also allow someone to use the Xbox One for other features such as gaming, while the TV is streamed to a separate device in the home.

The Xbox OneGuide launched with the Xbox One in North America, before it became available in the UK in 2014.


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