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What Type of Gamer Are You?

The gaming industry is a magical place, unlike movies which give you a set story with its own plot, gaming has got to the point where our choice matters more than ever. There are plenty of games that almost completely revolve around our choices, allowing the player to become lost in the world, become one with the character and act the way they want to act. Sure the option for the standard storyline is still there, in abundance actually, but this choice in gaming has allowed us to play games the way we want to play them. These choices make gaming special, they allow us to express sides of ourselves that may never see the light of day and act like our Bizzaro self’s just for the fun of it.

With all these choices and open-ended story-lines, the question remains, how do you play games? The writers and developers give you this playground, but it is your choice on how to tackle the objects at hand.  There are many ways people play games and today I am going to take you through just a handful of ways you may play. So what type of gamer are you?

The Realist

You are the type of gamer who plays games as if you were the character, you act on your own morals and tend to place a mirror image of yourself in the game. Those characters around you who remind you of friends or who treat you right become the ones you protect, while your enemies are to be afraid of what you might do if your friends got hurt. You try to keep you relationships strong through social interaction, maybe if it means taking your cousin down to the local bowling center. You react as you would in real life and take the first initial reaction to situations, as if this game was real life.

The Survivor

You will survive, wise words. Games like Fallout and The Walking Dead are your bread and butter, the post apocalyptic setting is the perfect backdrop to showcase your survival instincts. It doesn’t matter who is with you or what task might be at hand, you always have this deep thought running through your mind, “How can I get out of here alive?” You will turn on a character and sacrifice them if it means a better chance for your survival, you will complete an errand for someone and receive your reward, but will be the man to turn back around and send them to their early grave. Sure they may have been on your side, but their death means more supplies and a greater chance of staying alive. It takes a lot for you to become attached to most people, seeing as they will only become extra baggage, but in the end you will live on.

The Evil Overlord

You take pleasure out of wiping entire towns off the map, maybe from setting off a dormant nuclear explosion? Or venturing through the town yourself with only a firearm in your hands, spilling blood and making people’s lives miserable are your favourite pastimes. People mutter your name in fear as you stroll through areas without a hint of remorse, you want nothing more than to rule the universe and become the richest ruler alive. You don’t want to rule because of power, you want to rule and become the undisputed king out of nothing but pure evil.

The Pacifist

Conflict? You don’t even know the meaning of the word, you just make sure to avoid any kind of physical clashes as possible, you avoid every gun/fist fight and you continue on your merry way. You still complete tasks and survive as possible, but hardly anyone would know you were there. Your strongest asset is stealth, you complete your missions without anyone knowing of your presence and of course without hurting a soul. You find the challenge to be invigorating and the idea of your enemies not knowing what hit them, leaving a smile on your face. Those know of your talents and will seek you out for your abilities, though they may find you if you choose, when you decide to disappear, you stay gone.

The Avenger

You are a kind soul who will help anyone they can, you don’t do it for money or for fame, it is out of the kindness of your heart. People know of you for being the definition of pure kindness, but you are not one to be deceived or betrayed. See once that happens you turn,  you are no longer that kind soul who was out for destroying evil, you seek vengeance, you seek to avenge those affected by the betrayal and aim to make things right. Those who have betrayed you better watch their back because you are not after explanations as to why they did it, you are after their blood, to set a precedent to those around you.  You may uphold the goodness of the people, but those who betray you pay the ultimate price.

The Hero

People worship you and respect you, not because you have forced them too, but simply because of your noble deeds. You are sort of like The Avenger in this way, but even those who betray you, well you hear them out and find the good in what they were trying to do and in most cases, forgive them. You are that hero who makes their way to the ruler of all things evil, to have him by the throat and refuse to finish him. Maybe he will change his ways? There is always a chance, though when he eventually turns on you again you are forced to end his life. You are not happy about it and find yourself questioning your ways, but it is who you are and nothing anyone does will change that. That is why the people love you, that is why they look to you for help, you are The Hero.


This is just a small handful of all the various types of gamers, there are plenty more variations on the rules and many more unique ways to handle every situation. The great thing is, no matter how you choose to play games there is always a game out there that will allow you to play the way you want too.

So what type of gamer are you? If you are not listed above, what kind of gamer would you classify yourself as? Let me know below.

Jamie Briggs manages Analog Addiction where you can find all his latest reviews, interviews and features and also like them on Facebook. Also follow his daily life on Twitter @AnalogAddiction and their videos on YouTube.



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