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‘Warface’ Receives New Update – New Maps, Gameplay Improvements

Crytek has revealed the details of a new update that will be coming to the PC version of the first person shooter, Warface, which brings new maps and gameplay improvements to the free-to-play experience.

The new update introduces three new Nevada Versus maps, which further expand on Warface’s Nevada setting. The three new maps are “Airbase” Team Deathmatch map, which takes place around a parked aircraft, “Quarry” Capture map, which contains sweeping sandstorms, and the “Streetwars” Team Deathmatch map, which takes places within an urban jungle of abandoned buildings.

The update also contains a fourth map, which has been inspired by Istanbul’s famous “Grand Bazaar”. The “Grand Bazaar” Team Deathmatch map features many destructible elements of the environment, adding a new emphasis on fast-paced action.

Alongside the new map inclusions the new update houses a substantial amount of gameplay improvements. The spawn system has been altered in order to keep respawning fatalities to a minimum, players will receive higher scores for assisting teammates take down enemies in both Co-op and Versus, and new players will now be able to choose from all four classes of soldier from the outset, without the need to unlock them. For the full list of features included in the update you can visit Warface’s website.

Warface originally released for PC last year, but is now also available for Xbox 360.


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