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‘Warface’ Launches in North America, Europe & Turkey

Crytek has announced the new online first person shooter Warface, is now playable in North America, Europe and Turkey on GFACE.

Warface can be played directly through PC browsers, featuring cooperative and competitive game modes. Warface has a strong emphasis on teamwork, alongside four distinct soldier classes. Crytek has stated the game will receive constant updates to ensure players will always be able to enjoy a fresh challenge and join their friends online.

“Our goal with Warface has always been to show that free-to-play games can be top quality, blockbuster experiences that match the industry’s highest standards.” Said Crytek’s General Manager of Publishing, Dirk Metzger.

“By bringing the game to players in North America, Europe and Turkey today, a vast new audience can now see for themselves the lengths we’ve gone to in order to achieve that vision and make Warface stand out from the crowd.”

Warface has already been localised into English, French, German and Turkish, with many more languages to be released in the future.

When players first sign-up for Warface, they will receive a free account at Crytek’s gaming-centric social hub known as GFACE; which will also go live today. GFACE allows players to chat amongst one another, organise game session and much more.

You can join the frontlines of Warface here.

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