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Want to Write for Analog Addiction?

2014 is going to be a huge year for the video game industry with the introduction of new consoles, new games and much more.

Analog Addiction is seeking new full time editors and writers that are passionate about various sections of the gaming medium. We want to provide a large array of gaming coverage, and to do that we need writers.

Listed below are some of the several positions we are looking to fill:

Nintendo Editor

Xbox Editor

Graphics Designer

If your area of expertise is not listed above, you may still apply for an editorial position, or better yet, explain to us the area of expertise and experience you could bring to Analog Addiction.

In order to be considered for an editorial position, we would like you to email us at with the following information.

  1. Name:

  2. Age:

  3. Skype:

  4. Current consoles owned:

  5. Availability:

  6. Previous work experience:

  7. We also want two samples of your work, which can either be a review, news article, editorial or feature.

Any questions regarding the job’s can be answered below on the email located above or by contacting our editor-in-chief @JamieAA on Twitter.


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