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‘Walking Dead’ PlayStation 3 Saves May Be Accessible on PlayStation 4

Telltale Games have indicated that they’re working on a method of exporting ‘Walking Dead’ Season 1 saves from the PS3 over to the PlayStation 4.

Fans of Telltales ‘The Walking Dead’, if you were worried that your PlayStation 3 Season 1 game saves would not be compatible with PlayStation 4. Think again. Telltale Game seems to be working with Sony in order to bring these saves to PlayStation 4, so players can continue their unique story.

Telltale executive producer Kevin Boyle and company founder Kevin Bruner, spoke to IGN at last night’s BAFTA Game Awards. Where the two suggested, they were in close company with Sony to fix this issue.

When IGN asked if your PlayStation 3 saves could be carried over to PlayStation 4, Boyle responded, “Season 2 will read what you did in Season 1 and that will tailor some of the things that happened in Season 2. They’ll be a lot more social and in-between episode features for Season 2 that definitely exploit what the new platforms have to offer. We’re super-excited about PlayStation 4 and what all the other big console manufacturers have in store.”

When asked if this meant the saves would directly transfer from one console to the next in some way, Boyle continued, “We can’t say anything about that specifically right now, but…” before Bruner interrupted, explaining, “We’re in close contact with Sony and they understand what is the secret recipe of The Walking Dead so expect that we’ll be talking about it soon.”

After the PlayStation 4 unveiling it was revealed digital and retail PlayStation 3 titles, would not be accessible on the PlayStation 4. This would also mean our save files, would be lost on the PlayStation 3. Could this mean Telltale will utilize the Cloud functionality Sony has experimented with over the past few years? Time will tell.

Telltale seems to care about making sure fans of the series, are not left out in the cold with their save files. Analog Addiction will make sure to update you, with any further details as they come.

Jamie Briggs manages Analog Addiction and you can like them on Facebook, follow his daily life on Twitter @JamieAA and his videos on YouTube.


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