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Walking Dead Episode 4 Stat Trailer Released

The Walking Dead series has become one of my favourite games of this year, the intense situations, the amount of realism in the characters and the amount of tailored choices you are able to encounter throughout the experience. Telltale have outdone themselves in every way and with the finale known as Episode 5 “No Time Left”, releasing sometime soon Telltale has released the statistic trailer for Episode 4 “Around Every Corner”.

This trailer will spoil the episode for anyone who hasn’t played it, so be warned. But those who have and are curious to see how their choices stacked up, compared to other players, everything you need to know is located below.

I have reviewed every episode of the Walking Dead series (One, Two, Three & Four) and I cannot wait to share my review of Episode 5, when it is released sometime this month. Don’t forget if you loved the downloadable version of the game, Telltale will be releasing a Gamestop Exclusive Collector’s Edition which will include all 5 episodes on one disc and some added extras.

For all things Walking Dead, keep it on Analog Addiction.

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