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‘Vlad the Impaler’ Launches on Steam for PC, Mac

Ruwi Games and Section Studios have announced their gothic-inspired title, Vlad the Impaler is now available on Steam for PC and Mac for $9.99 with a 13% discount.

Vlad the Impaler is an adventure game focused on allowing players to choose their own path. Featuring a 1452 Istanbul in despair, it is up to you to the player to become the city’s savior or the villain that will continue the destruction of the capital.Vlad the Impaler is described as an offspring of a choose your own adventure book and an RPG and features a graphic novel-esque art style.

Players will venture throughout the streets of the city to solve quests, which will ultimately unlock new strengths and abilities for one of three character classes: Explorer, Mage or Soldier. Players must beware as each turn has dire effects, which can result in gained or lost skills and items.

“At Section we’ve always put a priority on creating beautifully drawn art to tell a story,” said Jimmy Yun, Chief Executive Officer, Section Studios. “Vlad The Impaler lets us showcase our artistic skills while combining solid gameplay that allows players to decide between good versus evil in a landscape we think adventure fans will really love exploring.”

Featuring more than 50 quests for the player to discover and the castle of one of the most feared men in history, Vlad the Impaler.


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