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Uncharted 3 Actor Working on New Project, Uncharted 4?

Naughty Dog have been busy creating The Last of Us ever since their release of Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception. However we do know Naughty Dog have separated into two teams, and the second teams project has never been revealed.

Those of you who have played Drakes Deception may remember Charlie Cutter, one of the latest characters added to the series. The actor Graham McTavish, who voices Cutter has been releasing some interesting Tweets over the past week. Firstly responding to a fan regarding the return of Cutter in future games.

"@akashpunkfanno1: @grahammctavish When is Charlie Cutter coming back sir? #Supportinyaalways" #Uncharted fans, I will keep you posted!…. — Graham McTavish (@grahammctavish) January 23, 2013

However that isn’t the last we have heard from McTavish, yesterday speaking about his latest project “For Gamers”.

For Gamers…Just back from 1st day on a new project. Very hush-hush, but I think it's going to be rather good….. — Graham McTavish (@grahammctavish) January 29, 2013

Now this in no way confirms the games existence, this is barely speculation. But this is definitely giving the vibe that Cutter will not only be appearing in future Uncharted games, but that game might be closer than we think.

Uncharted is Naughty Dog’s golden-egg, if a Uncharted 4 launched on next-gen PlayStation that would definitely be a feather in Sony’s cap. Are you excited for more Uncharted? Would you be interested in Cutter returning? Let us know in the comments below and we will keep you updated on all things Uncharted as we hear them.

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