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‘UFO Dad’ Launches for PS Mobile For The PlayStation Vita

Independent developer Edit Mode has released their debut title UFO Dad to PlayStation Mobile for the PlayStation Vita. UFO Dad is one of the first PlayStation Mobile titles to feature PlayStation Network scoreboard integration and is available for $3.99

UFO Dad is a mix of match-three and platforming, that has players controlling a suburban dad who has a strong ability at grilling the best burgers. His homemade “wonder spatula” has unfortunately gained the attention of hungry aliens, who abduct the father and steal his technology and his burgers.

“As an independent studio we’re fortunate to have freedom to design and create games we want to play,” said Kevin Oke, founder of Edit Mode. “With UFO Dad, we combined our love of match-three and platforming to give players a unique game that provides stiff challenges while competing against friends on leaderboards. We spent serious time conceptualizing UFO Dad, and we’re really excited with the way the game turned out and look forward to seeing people’s reactions to our first title.”

UFO Dad is simple to pick-up and play, yet difficult to master. During each level a UFO tractor beam will constantly aim to suck up the player and everything else on screen, these beams must be avoided and exploded while matching up burgers of the same colours for high scores.

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