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Ubisoft Further Explains Why ‘Rainbow Six: Patriots’ Is No More

Ubisoft has revealed more details regarding the scrap of Rainbow Six: Patriots, explaining why the decision to create Rainbow Six: Siege for next generation consoles was a better solution.

In a recent interview by Rock, Paper, Shotgun with Ubisoft technical artist, Oliver Couture, it was revealed the decision to drop Patriots was mainly due to the upcoming arrival of next generation hardware.

“To be completely transparent, I worked on Patriots – on Rainbow Six for three-and-a-half years – and Patriots was old-gen. Xbox 360 and PS3. Next-gen consoles were just around the corner, and we were like, ‘OK, we want to also have a next-gen experience. What can we do for that?’ “We were trying stuff out with destruction technology, and we realized destruction really changes the game. We tried to see how it could fit with old-gen, but it just didn’t work out. So for us it was just a better solution to clean the slate, reset, and make what’s best for the players.

Rainbow Six: Patriots was originally announced in 2011, though it quickly went dark until Ubisoft stated the title “had to be remade” in 2013. Couture also revealed that Rainbow Six: Siege has been in development for “the past year-and-a-half.”

It was recently revealed Rainbow Six: Siege will have a strong focus on multiplayer, when it released in 2015 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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