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Two New ‘Invizimals’ Games Announced For Sony Consoles

Sony have announced two new games in the Invizimals series releasing later this year, Invizimals: The Alliance for PlayStation Vita and Invizimals: The Lost Kingdom for the PlayStation 3.

These two new Invizimals titles allow the player to find, challenge and capture monsters in their world and ours. The Alliance is developed by Novarama Technology and takes advantage of the Vita’s augmentation abilities, allowing creatures to come to life in your surroundings. Searching your environments for new Invizimals will uncover brand new monsters.

The Alliance allows players to construct a new village and defeat their evil new foe, while enjoying new mini-games as they try and all 150 Invizimals. The Lost Kingdom developed by Magenta Software, allows players to experience the world through a young explorer named Hiro. Having the ability to transform into Invizimals, he must use his skills to defeat a powerful robot army.

Both versions will utilize Cross-platform gameplay, allowing players of both games to stage four player battles and receive bonus game items through co-operative play.

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