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Trials HD Developer To Release Nutty Fluffies

There was a little game you may have heard of on Xbox 360 called Trials HD, that sold amazingly well, with it’s complex physics puzzles this became one of the most addictive games on Xbox Arcade. Its follow-up Trials Evolution took the series into bigger waters, with bigger levels and more in-depth design. The developer of these titles RedLynx was acquired by Ubisoft back in 2011 and is currently in the process of releasing their latest title to iOS, called Nutty Fluffies.

Nutty Fuffies is coming to iPhone and iPad devices on November 1. The game provides the well known physics based mechanics of the Trials series with some a cute variety of stuffed animals. The game hopes to provide the challenge of Trials with the cute and friendly nature of the animals to provide a unique experience to mobile gamers.

The game is based around your animals riding a rollercoaster and making your way through levels as you collect the hearts scattered through the level using the touche based controls. No pricing has been confirmed at this point.

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