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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Demo Impressions

Last week we were all treated to a small sampling of Highmoon Studios latest title, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron as the demo was released to the public on all platforms. The demo allows you to sample a mission from both the Autobots and Decepticons storylines as you will be able to do within the game, also allowing you to try out the multiplayer and Transformer creation modes.

The first thing you will notice are the graphics, Bumblebee and his Autobot brotheran look fantastic. They really pay homage to the cartoon, looking very similar yet nothing close to carbon copies. That coat of fresh paint that really makes every Transformer stand out as their own unique character, has really been done well. The great graphics continue in the missions themselves, with the levels again following a good design, everything feels like it fits well and compliments one another. Sure these graphics will not blow you away, but Highmoon have done a great job.

Being a third person shooter at heart the shooting felt a little loose in comparison to some of the bigger named TPS’s out there and the melee button itself is located in a very odd position, which should be able to be altered in the final game. These are Transformers so transforming needs to feel right, this has been done brilliantly. Transforming on the fly feels smooth and sprinting into a giant leap and then transforming into your alter ego to speed off down the level, never gets boring. The driving itself feels decent, though could be tightened up  to allow you to feel that extra grunt that these machines should muster.

Optimus looks great

Yet the gameplay itself is able to excel due to the verticality of the levels, not only do they allow you to traverse the level normally, but extras can be found exploring the environment in a more thorough manner. Each level is your own personal sandbox.

Not only is the gameplay up to scratch but the soundtrack is really engrossing, adding some great tension to some big scene moments, it adds a whole new level to the game really engaging your attention. The voice talent of many of the cartoon series have returned and those that have not have been replaced by actors doing an astounding job, they sound just like the cartoon counterparts and I was fooled many times. When moving from battles you are able to interact with other Transformers, this is a very small detail but it makes the game world seem alive, more realistic…If the word applies to a game about giant robots.

In the Decepticon section of the demo you took control of Vortex, who transforms into a jet plane. The flying sections when you weren’t boosting, felt very slow, yet when you boosted they felt great and reminded me of WipEout’s fast pace traversal. Both sections of the demo played very well, the AI felt like a challenge on the standard difficulty and would destroy you if you gave them the chance.

Your creation classes

Now onto multiplayer, with all new multiplayer suites this will take a little to get used to and using the transforming mechanic to full advantage. In multiplayer you are able to build your own Transformer, this was mostly locked out within the demo. But from the brief areas that were unlocked you are able to customize a few standard classes to your liking. From the Infiltrator/Medic allowing you to heal your squad mates, to the overpowered yet slow moving Destroyer who will deal a tonne of damage. With kills and assists gain experience, allowing you to level up unlocking new abilities, new weapons and more character customization parts. There looks to be a great deal of content in the creation suite, so you may spend a good deal of your time making your Transformer perfect.

Only one issue occurred during multiplayer, with the game freezing up and me  having to restart the console. Again though this is just a demo and they still have a good amount of time to fix these issues before official release.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron looks to be hitting all the right marks, Highmoon is definitely on the way to creating an impressive sequel that true fans of the series will enjoy.

+ Grimlock

The game will be released August 21st in North America and August 24th everywhere else, on PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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