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‘Total War: Rome II’ Update Brings New Playable Faction & More

Creative Assembly has released the next set of free content drops for Total War: Rome II, which is available through an automatic update.

The new release brings the Seleucid Empire as a playable faction in single player and multiplayer games, alongside unique Seleucid units, building and technology tress, Campaign Objectives and the Paradise of Daphne; a unique new wonder.

The Seleucid Empire was known for their civil engineering and city-building feats, as the Empire focused on expert cavalry regiments to expand their borders.

Alongside Patch 5 which will bring further performance and gameplay balancing. For a list of full details regarding the content of Patch 5, make sure to check the Patch notes.

The new update also brings with it Steam Workshop support and activates the mod manager in the Total War Launcher, which will make sharing and loading modes a breeze.

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