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‘Total War: Attila’ Burning Blood Pack, Celts Culture Pack Available Now

The Creative Assembly and SEGA have announced the Celts Culture Pack and the Blood & Burning add-on are both now available for Total War: Attila.

In the Celts Culture Pack players will embark on new campaigns as the Ebdanians, Caledonians and the Picts. Players will also receive unique new culture and faction traits, units, objectives and a new narrative event-chain. The Celtic roster also possess the Guerrilla Deployment trait, which allow them to be placed absolutely anywhere on the battlefield, which includes behind enemy lines.

While the Blood & Burning expansion includes blood effects, decapitations, limp-lops, disembowelment and more, providing the perfect bounty for any gore loving historian. Soldiers suffering from diseases will be also been seen vomiting on the battlefield, while decapitations and fore-slicked event pictures will feature on the Campaign map.

The Celts Culture Pack is available for $7.99/£5.99/€7.49, while the Blood & Burning Pack will set you back $2.99/£1.99/€2.49.

Analog Addiction reviewed Total War: Attila, calling it a “solid” and “occasionally complex” installment in the series.


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