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‘Tony Hawk’s Shred Session’ Announced For Smartphones,Tablets

Activision and Tony Hawk have announced Tony Hawk’s Shred Session, a new entry in the Tony Hawk franchise that will be coming to smartphones and tablets.

Developed by UK studio Big Bit, Tony Hawk’s Shred Session is planned to release this summer. Players will use swiping motions on their respective touchscreen devices with a single finger used to perform trick combos as they skate through each level. There will also be more advanced tricks and a leveling up system providing the depth Tony Hawk fans expect.

“I‘m stoked that Activision shares my vision for an original skateboarding game on mobile,” said Tony Hawk. “It’s exciting to evolve with new technologies, and Shred Session is a whole new direction.”

Tony Hawk’s Shred Session will feature a range of levels deigned to be a “skater’s dream”, which include the Santa Monica boardwalk, and London streets. Shred Sessions will feature two playable modes: Survival, where players try to pull off a series of tricks and combos for as long as they can; and Shred Sessions, where players will be able to complete classic Tony Hawk series objectives, while competing for high scores amongst their friends.

Tony Hawk’s Shred Session will also feature six playable modern day pro skaters that all have unique signature moves, these include Chris Cole, Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Kizzie Armanto, David Gonzalez, Riley Hawk and Tony Hawk himself. Each playable rider can be have their outfits customised, as well as their decks to help reach higher scores


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