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‘The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot’ Third Open House Starts Today

Ubisoft has opened the third Open House for The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, while officially starting the “Loot-O-Thon.” The Open House allows anyone that signs up a chance to get a sneak preview of the game while it is still in closed beta.  Players will also have the chance to participate in the first-ever “Loot-O-Thon,” putting their looting skills to the absolute test.

Ubisoft has stated that the first Open-House resulted in 71 million gold coins plundered, while the second saw 498 million coins getting stolen. Ubisoft is encouraging the community to break one billion coins stolen from player-created castles by unlocking Lord Marleybone, boss of the Glimmering Valley region, giant bone puppeteer and master of the dead, if the number is reached.

To celebrate the third Open-House a new trailer has been released unveiling Mage, a.k.a The Earl of Evilosity, the latest character to join the quest.  The Earl of Evilosity can conjure 76 different types of pure flame, by merely snapping his fingers.

The third Open House will start today and end September 4 at 5:00AM AEST. If you are interested in joining the Open House you can sign-up or sign-in on the official site using a Uplay account and have immediate access during the event.

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