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‘The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot’ Receives Halloween Themed Open House

Ubisoft has announced a new Open House event for The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot, which has begun and will run until November 4.

The Open House event allows players to enjoy a sneak preview of The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot while the game is in closed beta.

Halloween themes and costumes will be available for a limited time, including Halloween themed castled for players to test their skills. Players will also find new customisation options including a glowing pumpkin head, bat winged headgear and new costumes; with the exclusive Bat Wings given to every player who participates in the Open House event.

Players will find themselves challenged by The Mage, The Earl of Evilosity, as they must complete a series of activities that will spread evil throughout the kingdom of Opulencia, with successful players rewarded with horror-themed loot.

New challenges and information will be given on The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot website and their Facebook page. Players need only have an existing Uplay account to be granted access to the Halloween themed event.

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