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‘The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot’ Open House Events Announced

Ubisoft has announced they will be hosting a series of Open House events for the studio’s upcoming free-to-play PC title, The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot. The events will allow players to experience the game first hand, during the games recently-announced Closed Beta.

The first Open House event will take place July 3nd at 12:00am AEST to July 6th at 5:00am AEST. Players interested in participating in this free event can sign-up at the official site starting from June 29th at 5:00am AEST. Players who participate in the Open House event will be entered in a draw to win a Mighty Quest t-shirt, or a permanent beta key

Ubisoft confirmed more details on additional Open House events to be released at a later date.

Open House participants will have the choice to player as Knight, Sir Painhammer or Archer, Blackeye Bogart. Players will attempt to build the ultimate impenetrable castle to protect their hoard of treasure, while attacking opposing players castles. Those playing in the 4 day event will have all their player progress, gold acquired, loot found, character levels, monsters unlocked and castles constructed saved to be accessed at the next Open House.

Signing up for the Open House event will also mean your name will be added to an exclusive Closed Beta list, for a chance to earn permanent access to the game before launch later this year.

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