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‘The King of Fighters XIV’ Demo Launching This Week, Story Trailer Released

SEGA has revealed a new story trailer for The King of Fighters XIV and announced a demo of the upcoming fighter will release this week.

The new information was revealed at EVO 2016, alongside details of what players can expect from the upcoming demo. The playable demo will consist of seven playable characters from the 50 character roster available in The King of Fighters XIV and will be available to download on July 19. The seven characters available in the demo are Kyo Kusanagi, Mai Shiranui, Iori Yagami, Sylvie Paula Paula, King of Dinosaurs, Shun’ei and Nelson; with a full character breakdown released on the PlayStation Blog.

Details regarding the villain of The King of Fighters XIV was also revealed. The villainous fighter behind the King of Fighters tournament is known as Antonov, and is an imposing mountain of a man with glorious mutton chops to boot.

The King of Fighters XIV will be the first time the series has been completely rendered in 3D, since the series began in 1994. In The King of Fighters XIV players will battle in 3-vs-3 team battles until one player does not have any fighters remaining.

The King of Fighters XIV will launch for PlayStation 4 on August 26.


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