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‘The Escapists’ Launches for Xbox One in February

Team17 and Mouldy Toof have announced The Escapists will launch for Xbox One on February 13 (just in time for Valentine’s Day).

The Escapists is a sandbox prison escape game that allows the player to take control of a prison inmate, who must strategically plot and pull off an escape from his captivity. Players must work around their strict prison schedule to avoid attention from the prison guards, while crafting or stealing tools and weapons that will help with the escape. Helping fellow inmates or getting a job will also unlock vital supplies while you decide the best escape route.

The Escapists is a hilarious and truly captivating game that I personally backed on Kickstarter and have followed from the start.” Said Team 17’s Managing Director, Debbie Bestwick.

“Since forming a partnership with Chris, the creator, back in February 2014, the game has gone on to win awards and has received fantastic critical acclaim through its current Early Access release.” Said Bestwick.  “The work gone in from Mouldy Toof and Team17 on co-developing The Escapists is a great example of how our Indie Partnership Publishing Program works. As a game close to my heart, I absolutely cannot wait for the release and to hear tales of fans’ break out attempts!”

The Escapists is being published via Microsoft’s ID@Xbox program and will feature 6 unique prisons to escape from, 6 different methods of escape (including digging and prison takeovers), 10 different prison jobs and over 200 items, with over 50 able to be crafted.

The Escapists will launch for Xbox One on February 13.


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