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The Addiction Update

Hey guys, Jamie here from Analog Addiction.

Just wanted to inform you guys that the site may be a little slower over the next two weeks especially this weekend. I have been working as hard as I possibly can to give you guys the latest content in news and reviews, also been trying my best to secure breaking news and advance reviews to keep you all entertained and getting the best content possibly available.

It is paying off because the traffic is rising on the site, more comments, more follows, the Facebook pages is already incredibly higher than I expected and I recently hit 3,000 views on YouTube. I once again appreciate all the support, all the viewers and especially all the followers, you guys are amazing and make working towards my dream of game journalism that much easier.

That being said, this is a one man run site. I would love to inform you of all the content coming soon and possible content down the line.

  1. Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD Review Copy

  2. Hybrid Review Copy

  3. Dust: An Elysian Tail Advance Review Copy

  4. Possible Sleeping Dogs Review Copy

  5. Possible Sound Shapes Review

  6. Darksiders 2 Review soon

  7. Sniper V2 Elite Review soon

  8. Halo Anniversary Review soon

  9. Limbo Review soon

  10. The Darkness Review soon

  11. Kinect Impressions

  12. Summer of Arcade Feature

  13. My 5 Anticipated games of 2012 still to come

  14. Much more cool news

  15. And more video and audio content

I hope this will satisfy all you game hungry readers, but as being a one man show this weekend is dedicated to gaming. Tony Hawk, Dust and Hybrid are all on the cards, so stay tuned. Also next two weeks I will be working 50+ hours at my paid job, so news may slow.

Again thank you and together we will continue to push Analog Addiction to soaring heights.

Much love, Jamie Briggs, Manager of Analog Addiction




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