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‘Tekken Card Tournament’ Available Now

Namco Bandai have unveiled Tekken Card Tournament, the first ever free-to-play game based in the Tekken universe. Offering cross-platform play from smartphones, tablets, laptops and PC.

Tekken Card Tournament is a turn-based card game, where players can purchased physical booster packs to increase their arsenal of attacks. There are 191 cards to collect and cards will feature a DR code, allowing players to scan them into the game. Booster packs will be available soon from games retailers.

Though the game will offer the 3D visuals players expect from the series, it will allow players to customise their decks for battle. Players will be able to create their own cards using the fusion system, while they chain together Focus, Strike and Block attacks to take down their opponents.

The card-based battler will also allow augmented reality, bringing your characters to life. While allowing players to climb the worldwide rankings as they defeat their opponents, with extra rewards to be won in themed contests and weekly battles.

Tekken Card Tournament is available on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and through the instant play web browser.

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