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Tecmo Koei Produce Epic Fail

On a lighter note when it comes to news stories, a grave mistake has been made by Japanese publisher and developer Tecmo Koei. Details surfaced late last week on Andriasang about the blunder, where I kid you not…They released the wrong game.

Tecmo Koei is no small fish as it has been behind such big name franchises as Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive, Fatal Frame and Dynasty Warriors. The mistake was made involving 2 games never to have been released out of Japan in Sangokushi VII and Sangokushi VIII, some of you may know these titles by their western name- Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

Reports indicate that Tecmo Koei was releasing a budget version of Sangokushi VIII for the PlayStation Portable late last week in Japan, however somehow once the games UMD was loaded on the handheld…You found out you were actually in possession of the game’s predecessor, Sangokushi VII.

GameCity has posted a confirmation note from Tecmo Koei, admitting that this blunder has taken place. “The company has halted sales of the game,” since the mistake was realized, “and is currently arranging a replacement program for current owners.”

I cannot actually understand how this mistake could have been made; you think someone may have noticed? This however is not the first major blunder in gaming this year when it comes to releasing the end product of a game. As Capcom botched their box art for Resident Evil: Revelations earlier this year, instead deciding to spell it “Resident Evil: Revelaitions”.

Capcom, Capcom, Capcom…

All we can do is laugh, right?

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