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‘Tales of Xillia’ Gets American Release Date

Namco Bandai have confirmed the North American release date for Tales of Xillia, launching exclusively on PlayStation 3 August 6.

Originally released in Japan  during 2011, Tales of Xillia will finally make its way to American shores. However, no release date for the European version has been announced at this time.

Getmasu originally reported on the release date, also pointing towards an article on Kotaku regarding the Tales Vita remakes that have been released in Japan. Tales of Innocence R and Tales of Hearts R are both Nintendo DS remakes. Producer and Director of the Tales series Hideo Baba states the games are not currently planned to make their way overseas, due to poor Vita sales in North America.

“Unfortunately, at this present time we don’t have any plans to release any of the Vita titles [in the west]. One of the main reasons is, unfortunately the PlayStation Vita is doing relatively poorly in North America, so it’s one of those things that if the numbers increased considerably, then it’s something we could consider.”

With localization of JRPG’s usually taking a few years time, don’t count the Vita remakes out just yet.

Source: IGN

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