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‘Tales of Hearts R’ Details – Story Details, Japanese VO, Screenshots

Bandai Namco Games Europe has released new details regarding the upcoming PlayStation Vita release of Tales of Hearts R.

We received lot of feedback[s] from fans to release Tales of Hearts R and today we are really happy to announce that the game will get an original Japanese Voice-Over along with EFIGS subtitles to please all the fans, said Hideo Baba. Thanks to this choice, J-RPGs fans will enjoy this amazing tale and dive within its beautiful meanders.

Tales of Hearts R will follow the story of Kor Meteor, a young man living in a small village by the sea, as he aims to improve his fighting skills under the watcher eye of his grandfather. Kor’s grandfather is impressed by his growing skill, and bequeaths to him a special type of weapon known as Soma. Soma users most possess exceptionally strong Spiria, the source of all life from which the human mind and will are derived.

Armed with his new weapon, Kor soon meets a young woman named Kohaku Hearts who has been placed under a spell by a mysterious witch. Kor attempts to help break the spell, yet somehow managed to break her Spiria Core, which is the source of her emotions. Kor then sets out on a journey to make Kohaku’s Spiria whole once again.

Tales of Hearts R will feature the Aerial Chase Linear Motion Battle, which will allow players to freely move in the air to experience fast-paced battles, which is showcased in the screenshots above. Tales of Hearts R will release in ANZ in summer 2014, for the PlayStation Vita.


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