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Surprise Attack Games Launches Independent Games Service – Bigger Boat

Surprise Attack Games has today launched Bigger Boat, a new service aimed at making distribution of independent titles for PC, Mac and Linux on a wide range of stores beyond Steam easier for development studios.

Bigger Boat is hoping to help small developers get their games to an array of different online store such as, Amazon, GamersGate and more. Though these stores are easily to secure distribution compared to Steam, they all require the same amount of work. Bigger Boat will allow developers to focus on Steam, while they tackle up to 135 other avenues of online distribution.

“Our core goal has always been to help independent developers by taking on some of the publishing or marketing tasks without impacting on their independence,” said Chris Wright, Managing Director at Surprise Attack Games. “Bigger Boat is a great example of that – we take something that is problematic for a small team and provide an easy way for them to unlock extra revenue.”

“Beyond just bringing our infrastructure to bear, a critical benefit of working with Bigger Boat is that developers join a curated portfolio of high quality indie games.” added Wright. “That opens up opportunities for cross-promoting, bundling and introducing players of one of the games to titles they might not have heard of.”

There are no upfront costs for using Bigger Boat, except a small cut of revenue taken from sales on the stores it manages.

The initial line-up for the service contain seven titles: Dungeon Dashers, Ironclad Tactics, Zachtronics, Jack Housten and the Necronauts, Critical Mass, Metal Deal and Huntsman: The Orphanage.

Bigger Boat is open to developers worldwide and suits developers who have already secured distribution on Steam. For more information, check out the Surprise Attack Games website.

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