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‘Superbeat: XONic’ Coming to Vita This Spring

Rising Star Games and PM Studios have come together to announce Superbeat: XONic will be coming to Australia and New Zealand this Spring, for PlayStation Vita.

Superbeat: XONic is a rhythm action gaming, featuring high speed gameplay and a soundtrack featuring popular songs from the Beatcraft series, alongside all new tunes. Players will be able to play over 50 unique tracks, utilising the touchscreen on the PlayStation Vita.

Players can enter 4 TRAX mode for a laid back experience, ramp up the challenge in 6 TRAX and 6 TRAX FX mode, and then enter Freestyle mode will feature endless gameplay, with local and worldwide leaderboards.

“I’m extremely excited to work with my former colleagues and create what I feel is the spiritual successor to DJMAX – we’ve been listening to the fans and decided that the Vita was the best platform for our players,” said Michael Yum, CEO of PM Studios.

“I’m also very honoured to work with the talented folks at both Nurijoy and Rising Star Games on this new endeavour. With the former DJMAX developers at both PM Studios and Nurijoy doing what they’re best at and by allowing RSG to help us bring this game to ANZ, I’m sure we can give everyone something they can really enjoy.”


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