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Super Street Fighter IV & Rochard Coming to Plus Members

As a brand new purchaser of PlayStation Plus, the PlayStation 3 service which offers members discounts, exclusive content and of course a plethora of free games. I am happy to inform you that as of tomorrow in the US regions, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition and Rochard will be coming to PlayStation Plus members for free, along with the usual Tuesday PlayStation Store update. I do not have confirmation if these choices will be available for Australian and Europe, but it was confirmed on the European PlayStation blog late last month that games such as Limbo, Batman: Arkham City and Vanquish are available for Plus members.

These games will appear in the Instant Game Collection section, which always includes at any time 12 PlayStation3 titles and 6 Vita games. No word on which games will be swapped out for the two new inclusions as yet.

Remember folks these games are available as long as you have your Plus membership, so you might as well throw these on your download list if you are even slightly interested. Free is free right?

Source: IGN

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