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‘Stealth Inc. 2’ Announced, Will Be Wii U Exclusive

Curve Studios has announced Stealth Inc. 2, which will be a Wii U exclusive released later this year.

The original Stealth Inc. has yet to launch on Wii U consoles, making this exclusive announcement surprising, to say the least. Game Director Jonathan Biddle discussed his love for Nintendo with IGN, stating “We love Nintendo and we want to give Iwata a hug”.

Stealth Inc. 2 is said to a sequel developed from the ground up to work on the Wii U, incorporating GamePad features and a cooperative mode. So why the sudden exclusive announcement? Well not only do Curve Studios love Nintendo, but it seems to be a smart business move on their behalf.

“Whenever a Wii U game gets announced, people clamber all over it,” Perkins admitted to IGN. “We really feel being a bigger part of that smaller selection of titles could be good for us. We will be doing other Wii U games as well. To really, properly give Iwata a hug. We’re not nervous. It’s a good decision for us.”

This isn’t the first time Curve Studios will release on Nintendo hardware, after they previously released a series called Fluidity on both the 3DS and Wii consoles. There has been no confirmation if this release will be a timed exclusive, or one for the ages. When asked regarding the matter, Biddle simply said “We’re just talking about Wii U today,”, which could leave hope for future releases.

Stealth Inc. is a 2D platformer that was originally known as Stealth Bastard when it released for PC in 2011, before being retitled as Stealth Inc.: A Clone in the Dark when it released for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 3.


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