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‘Spec Ops: The Line’ Developer Wants To “Do something different”

In a recent interview with Edge Spec Ops: The Line developer Yager Software, spoke about their intentions to “do something different”.

The interview with Yager’s managing director Timo Ullmann focused on the company’s history, leading up to their critically acclaimed Spec Ops: The Line. Yet the information was revealed at the end of the interview, with Ullmann stating “After five years of working on Spec Ops, maybe it’s time to do something different so you don’t get trapped in that box where we’re just making military shooters,”

The Line was applauded for its unique narrative, that captured the attention of the player in comparison to most military based shooters. However Ullmann doesn’t want his company to be tied down within one genre, “We still have to be commercial – we learned that the hard way – but by being independent we can live creatively and never be labelled or framed as being about a certain thing.”

With Yager’s recent licensing of Unreal Engine 4, it seems the company wants to continue to innovate when moving into next-generation game development. Ullmann acknowledged successful titles from last year, stating fans are interested in new ideas.

“What’s surprising to me is that even in 2012 games like Dishonored and Dragon’s Dogma proved that people are interested in new ideas,” Ullmann stated. “We’ve never had more platforms and more business models, so it’s a good time for new IP. After a seven-year console lifecycle, people are longing for something new – gamers and publishers, actually – and that suits us fine.”

As a fan of Spec Ops: The Line, the idea of Yager continuing to innovate within a myriad of genres intrigues to say the least. What do you think? Could we see something completely different in Yager’s latest unannounced title?

Source: Gametrailers

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