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Spearhead Games Announces World’s First MOSA ‘Arena: Cyber Evolution’

Spearhead Games has announced the world’s first MOSA, Arena: Cyber Evolution or ACE, formerly known as Project Cyber, is now available on Steam Early Access.

For those who don’t know what MOSA stands for, it is a Multiplayer Online Sport Arena. ACE is a physics-based game where super-powered cyberpunk champions battle in a 3v3 soccer-inspired battles of reflexes and wits. ACE has been in development for 22 weeks and contains a community of over 90,000 players, who have helped shape ACE into a mechanically sound gameplay experience.

“Building a legitimate e-sport – especially when the market is as MOBA-saturated as it is right now – is an ambitious endeavor,” said Simon Darveau, Spearhead co-founder. “That’s why we’ve made our development process 100% transparent. We’ve streamed our design meetings on Twitch every day since we began, and that open feedback loop has ensured that the game we are building is something that gamers want.”

ACE originally took inspiration from sports, like soccer and hockey, while also drawing inspiration from popular MOBA titles, such as League of Legends and DoTA. ACE allows players to precisely control their character with direct mouse movement, which means there is no AI, no auto-targeting, and no need for constant clicking.

Players will be able to customise their character’s play-style by gaining experience, but ACE focuses to emphasise teamwork over individual strength. Playing as one of five cyberpunk characters, with unique attributes the customisation options will mean no two characters are the same.

Interestingly ACE’s gameplay will be constantly shifting due to the viewing audience. They are able to introduce earthquakes, gravity reversals, black holes and more, altering gameplay and dynamically shifting each experience.

Spearhead Games has stated ACE will always be a free to play title, though players will never be able to use real-world money to gain a tactical advantage.


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