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‘So Many Me’ Launches For Steam, OUYA

ORiGO Games and Extend Interactive have today launched the colourful puzzle title, So Many Me on OUYA and Steam.

So Many Me is a puzzler that lets players take control of colourful clones to solve puzzles, defeat sinisterly enemies, and save the world from an ancient evil. So Many Me also features resource management in a similar vein to Lemmings.

Players will step into the world of Filo, as a Me who discovers he has the ability to clone himself. Each clone the player creates will have unique superpowers, which must be used in creatively to solve puzzles, avoid danger, and defeat the creatures threatening your homeland of Filo.

So Many Me will launch at a discounted price of $11.99 during the first week of availability, before returning to its standard price of $14.99 once the sale ends.


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