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Sleeping Dogs Trailer Showcases Excellent Visuals

Launching on the same day the Xbox 360 and Ps3 versions the PC version of Sleeping Dogs will release with a host of extra PC specific features, allowing Hong Kong to be brought to life better then on any other platform. The game features a great deal of hardware bandwidth and graphical enhancements to allow support for the latest AMD and Nvidia features.

Wei Shen in action

The PC version is packed with an high-resolution texture pack which will bring excellent visual to the city and ancient temples, the likes that console counterparts could  only dream of. The higher resolutions allow for a greater visual fidelity that gives an incredible sense of scale to the vast city. The game will also support 3D and multi-screen monitors, which will allow all PC  gamers the best experience possible.

Sleeping Dogs is an open world action game developed by United Front Games, following Wei Shen an undercover cop who is risking his life to locate the seedy underbelly of Hong Kong. It will feature an extensive open world, engaging combat and impressive driving mechanics.

The game is set for release August 16th on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Below is the PC trailer for Sleeping Dogs, showcasing the game’s excellent visuals.

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