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‘Skylanders’ Reaches More Than $100 Million in Australia & New Zealand Sales

Activision has announced the Skylanders franchise has exceeded $100 million for sales in Australia and New Zealand.

The collectible Skylanders toys outsold the #1 action figure line throughout Australia and New Zealand. Out selling some of the biggest names in the toy industry, including  Spider-man, Transformers and Star Wars. Skylanders Giants also earned more money than the domestic box office sales for both Ice Age 4 and Madagascar 3, which were the top holiday kids films last year.

“Just over 18 months ago, bringing toys to life in a virtual world was an untested concept.  Now Skylanders is established in the Australian toy market and embraced by parents and kids across the world,” said Philip Earl, EVP Activision Publishing, Asia Pacific. “We’re thrilled to see Aussie kids embracing Skylanders toys and games both in the virtual and physical worlds.”

Alongside this information, we were given some impressive stats regarding Skylanders toy sales in Australia and New Zealand.

  1. The amount of Skylanders toys sold globally in just 20 months is three times the Australian population (22.32 million)

  2. If all of the Skylanders toys sold in Australia were lined up they would follow the course of the 1,170 km Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race (approximately 630 nautical miles)

  3. The number of Skylanders toys sold in Australia and New Zealand exceed the population of New Zealand or the population of Sydney (NZ 4,468,200 / Sydney 4,627,345)

The Skylanders franchise looks to continue their sales dominance this holiday season, when Skylanders SWAP Force hits shelves October 16. Swap Force will allow players to customise their figures by swapping the top and bottom half of their toys, turning 16 Swap Force characters into more than 250 combinations.

“What we saw at BIG W was that Skylanders really captured the imagination of children and our customers are telling us October’s release of Skylanders SWAP Force can’t come soon enough,” Said Big W head of general merchandise Georgia Sotiropoulos.

Skylanders Swap Force will release October 16 in Australia, October 18 in Europe and October 13 in North America. For the PlayStation 3, Wii, Wii U, Xbox 360 and 3DS. It will also release next generation systems Xbox One and PlayStation 4, yet no release dates for the consoles have been announced.

For the latest characters confirmed for Skylanders Swap Force, click here or check out our latest feature on the different forms of DLC available which include Skylanders.

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