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‘Silent Hunter Online’ Open Beta Launches

Ubisoft and Blue Byte have announced the launch of the Silent Hunter Online Open Beta, allowing players around the world to become a submarine commander during WWII and immerse themselves in the Battle of the Atlantic.

For those unaware Silent Hunter Online is a browser based Free-to-Play submarine simulation game, developed by Ubisoft Blue Byte in co-operation with Sproing. Players control their submarines, hunt down enemies, manage their own personal flotillas and take part in server-wide dynamic campaigns. Silent Hunter Online focuses on multiplayer gameplay, with each mission able to be played cooperatively.

Silent Hunter Online will be the first time the series allows each mission to be played in real-time and in co-op. It also features authentic boat types, the ability to form online teams known as wolfpacks with your friends and stunning battles taking full advantage of Flash 11 technology in 3D combat.

You can find more details on Silent Hunter Online from the official website.

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