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‘Sensei Wars’ Launches Free For Mobile Devices

2K has announced that Sensei Wars, a new combat strategy game set in a 3D Asian art style is now available to download free from the app Store, Amazon App store, and Google Play for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android and Amazon Kindle Devices.

In Sensei Wars player must rule a 3D world by building and defending a rural village, by creating alliances and training an army of deadly soldiers to conquer other players’ base camps and resources. Players have access to an immortal Sensei warrior and additional military units ranging from Monks, Samurai, Ninjas and Dragons as they are unlocked.

“In developing Sensei Wars, Cat Daddy Games worked hard to incorporate features we hadn’t seen before, as well as create an experience that resonates with a wide variety of mobile gamers to keep them coming back,” said Harley Howe, co-studio head of Cat Daddy Games.

“From being able to explore the game from a 360-degree perspective, to defining the Sensei’s fighting style, Sensei Wars adds a layer of depth and control combat-strategy fans can’t experience anywhere else.”

Sensei Wars also offers leaderboard support, which is calculated through forming allegiances with other players, sharing reinforcements and working together in battle.

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