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‘Saints Row IV’: GATV & Wild West DLC Available Now

Update: GATV and the Wild West DLC Pack for Saints Row IV are now available in Australia on Steam, while they will be available on consoles October 11 for $3.30AUD each.

Original story: Saints Row IV will be releasing two pieces of DLC today, with a Wild West Pack and GATV DLC available to download.

The Wild West Pack includes a fitting cowboy outfit, wild west dress and a Western themed shotgun and revolver.

While the GATV pack includes a Johnny Gat styled attire, official Aisha costume, a Reynolds .50 Heavy Machine Gun and a Knifethrower. Volition will be giving the GATV pack away to PC players for free during the first 24 hours on Steam.

These two pieces of DLC are available in the US on Steam and consoles today, with both packs being made available worldwide on Wednesday and will cost $2.99/2,99 Euro each.

Earlier Deep Silver confirmed Saints Row IV has hold the number one spot on the UK sales charts for the fourth week running.If you want to know why the game is so good, make sure to read our full Saints Row IV review.

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