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Rumour Update: Could Prey 2 Be Revealed March 1?

Updated: Another day and another screenshot has been sent to me from This latest image shows 5 aliens, 3 of which seem to be different species all hanging inside what looks like a shady bar. The two aliens on the left however, do they seem familiar to you?

Well if you have been following Prey 2 from its original announcement, this alien species is the exact same shown in the length E3 2012 trailer for the game. Our protagonist is chasing down one of these aliens throughout the entire trailer, the appearance is uncanny. If you haven’t seen the trailer in question, check it out for yourself.

This strongly suggests that after much speculation, this reveal that is only “1 Day, 34 Hours, 2056 Minutes away” is in-fact, Prey 2. What could we see? New gameplay trailer? Maybe some clarification regarding the games future? We can only sit and wait, as the countdown draws ever closer.

Updated: As I said that subscription is definitely providing us with some kind of screen shots, the latest now shows a indicator showing that our ‘target’ is 32m away. This hints towards the original gameplay video we were saw, when we were chasing our target through this alien city environment, the screen is located below. Also itself has had another design change, with the hours until the unveil now revealed. What will tomorrow hold?

Updated: Having subscribed to the sites mailing list yesterday, I woke up today to a very interesting screenshot. As Onlysp reported, the screen shot was sent from Could this really be Prey 2? The site itself has now been updated to clearly state 2 days below the alien writing, the screen shot I received is located just below.

Last week we reported some odd occurrences on, the countdown site for Prey 2 has been updated with some weird alien like writing. Some speculated this was a fan site, some speculated it was Bethesda themselves and some speculated it was ghosts.

Though Bethesda told Joystiq “I don’t know what that is or who is doing it. It’s not something we’re doing.” could this just be PR speak?. The site itself has now been updated to not only feature the Bethesda and Humanhead Studios logo (publisher and developer of the game respectively), but now the games official logo itself at the top of the page.

The site now allows you to share the page to several social networks, but interestingly enough it now has an option to subscribe to the site. Onlysp reports that subscribing to site will have various screen shots sent to your inbox, having subscribed we have yet to receive any images but will update the article if this occurs. No confirmation if these screen shots are from the game, but we will keep you updated.

Image courtesy of OnlySP

This is all interesting, but what about that ‘alien’ text? Well if you simply select it and paste it into a Word document you are given a countdown. When I used this method, the countdown read as follows.

“367205 seconds, 6120 minutes, 102 hours, 4 days”

Leaving the countdown itself to end March 1st at 1500 hours. Inspecting the sites html codes also leads to further information, with an interesting line of code reading

“<!– Tommy needs your help –><!– with a stranded human –><!– who wants to go home. –>”

Could “Tommy” be returning?

Prey 2 was originally meant to follow the story of a human interstellar bounty hunter, with Domasi “Tommy” Tawodi (protagonist of the original Prey) featuring in the games narrative, but not as a playable character. Could Humanhead Studios have used the hiatus of the games development, to re-think the games narrative and overhaul the original plot?

Prey 2 has been in ‘development hell’ since its original reveal in 2011, many believe the game itself will not be released (The entire Analog Addiction staff, except for myself). With the use of company logos the chances of this being a simple fansite are slim, could we be receiving a new variation of the original Prey 2 in less than a week? Keep it tuned to Analog Addiction, for all the information as that countdown ends.

Jamie Briggs manages Analog Addiction and you can like them on Facebook, follow his daily life on Twitter @JamieAA and his videos on YouTube.


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