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Rumour, Points Doom 4 Towards Next Generation?

id Software recently released the latest downloadable content pack for their 2011 released title Rage, titled ‘The Scorchers’. Since their latest project Doom 3: BFG Edition has also been released, many wonder what id could be working on next?

Lead programmer Brian Harris has strongly hinted that the development of Doom 4 could be migrated over to next generation consoles, through his personal Twitter account. His LinkedIn profile has him noted as the lead behind Doom 4 until January 2012, which was when he was moved to work on Doom 3: BFG Edition. Yet however his Tweet, seems to hint that he might now be back on the project.

“Currently home taking care of a new baby girl,” explained Harris over his current life situation, however he continued by stating “When I get back, I’ll help port the big project to new platforms.”

Of course this doesn’t necessarily confirm Doom 4 will be heading to next generation, but with Doom 4 being one of id’s biggest projects at the moment, it could be very likely. This doesn’t however reject original plans to produce the game for current generation hardware, and would most likely mean the game will be also coming to next generation hardware when it is released.

id have always been masters of the graphical domain, being able to milk every drop of gorgeous pixelated life out of every console. Could Doom 4 be the game to that truly encompasses the possibilities for next generation graphics?

Analog Addiction will as always, be here to keep you updated when we here more.

Source: StickSkills

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