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Roundtable: Our Favourite Games of 2013 So Far

We have almost hit the one-third mark of 2013, not only that but we have been in abundance of some excellent games thus far. With so many more amazing titles in the wings of 2013, including the next generation of gaming. We have decided to give credit where credit is due. The staff at Analog Addiction have gathered to put forward their favourite games of 2013 so far. It is still early on in 2013, but what games have already left their mark as some of the best titles this year will offer?

Jamie Briggs: So far three games sit a-top of what has possibly been a disappointing start to 2013. Many believed the earlier gaming line-up for the year was going to blow many away, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Dead Space 3, Crysis 3, God of War Ascension, Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch. Yet many had their problems, not reaching the bar we expected. With that said, three games sit above the rest on another echelon entirely, but I may only choose one. DmC: Devil May Cry has not only held my top spot since January, but it is a game I continuously crave going back too. I gave the game a solid 9.0, showing you I absolutely enjoyed my experience. It gave the Devil May Cry fan in me, the complete experience I wanted from a Dante reboot, and above. The excellent environments, that continue to amaze. The emotional moments I never expected from the narrative. The astonishingly fun combat, that exceeded my expectations. DmC continues to hold my favour, but with only one-third of this years gaming buffet complete, there are plenty of opportunities for this to change.

Nathan Manning: Having only played a few new releases so far this year (DmC, Colonial Marines, SimCity, ShootMania), I am going to have to say ShootMania is my pick for game of the year at the moment. I know it is rare for a first person shooter to get given GOTY, but ShootMania is such a refreshing take on the genre. Although I have not played them, apparently ShootMania is reminiscent of Unreal Tournament and Quake. The action is quick, everyone is on equal terms, and the community is awesome. So far, ShootMania has my vote.

Hugh Simmonds: For me so far it has to be Ni No Kuni. Everything about it has me captivated be it that score performed by the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra to the visuals. I get so easily lost and engrossed in the game that it harks back to my times playing games like Pokemon for hours grinding and strengthening my familiars to progress and be strong enough to defeat that boss. The story is touching and well told, it’s been worth the wait.

George Sinclair: I’m going to say Tomb Raider because it was the game I had no expectations for. That’s not to say I wasn’t excited. The last TR game I bought was Legend back on the PS2 but I’d heard good things so I thought I’d give it a shot and it was the biggest surprise I’ve gotten out of a game for a good while. I knew people where saying it was good but the Tomb Raider series has finally grown up. Lara’s story is mature, it’s gritty and it’s a lot of fun. After 15 or so years they’ve also fixed the controls so now I’m not tactically placing my jumps from platform to platform.

Eric Pepper: At this point in time, the game leading the charge in my mind is Bioshock Infinite. Right from the opening moments, you’re dragged into the fictional realm and the game refuses to let you go until after the final credits. It is not a perfect game, and we as gamers were pitched the concept of a much more grandiose game than what we received, but that does not take away all of the merits and accolades it has rightfully earned. The story being told is far richer than any other title thus far in 2013 and Elizabeth is a shining beacon of what can be in the category of AI partners.

Jamie ‘Paco’ Sifontes: I honestly can’t say for this one; no game has necessarily wowed me – Bioshock Infinite had a great story, but that’s about it for me. Ni No Kuni had glorious production value, but a rather banal combat system compared to what I enjoy (that’s not to say it was bad, I just expected more from Level 5). Didn’t play Tomb Raider, Dead Space 3, either GOWs nor have I played DMC. The most fun I have had this year thus far has come from a PSN/XBLA indie title that was released two years ago on PC. If I had to choose, its Terraria at the moment; but the article can just have 40pt-font “Paco is not amused,” and it wouldn’t be too far from the truth.

So our favourite games of 2013 have been list, but most importantly what games are your favourites? Better yet, what games are you excited to play this year? Let us know in the comments below.

You can follow the Analog Addiction staff on Twitter located here: Jamie Briggs, Nathan Manning, George Sinclair and Hugh Simmonds. Eric Pepper and Jamie Sifontes do not have Twitter because they are too cool for school, but you can  follow all their latest hi-jinx on Analog Addiction.



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