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‘Resogun Heroes’ DLC Announced, Features Survival Mode

After months of teasing Housemarque has finally revealed DLC for the PlayStation 4 shooter, Resogun. Entitled Resogun Heroes, the new DLC will contain two new modes an an all-new patch.

Housemarque are keeping the details of the patch and one of the modes a secret (for now), but the existence of a Survival Mode has been confirmed.

Survival Mode will have players trying to get the highest score possible, while only utilising one life. The new mode will also include new sound effects, different item icons, new graphical nuances and even a new soundtrack. Housemarque will also be creating a plethora of new enemies to challenge players.

Alongside the new additions there will be an added full in-game day/night cycle. Surviving each cycle will earn players a higher score. Humans will also return in the Survival Mode, though not exactly how Resogun veterans will remember. Parachute wearing humans will now fall regularly from the top of the screen, killing more enemies or achieving combos will draw out more humans. Saving humans before they perish will see your score increase significantly; also players will only need to collect the humans in Survival Mode, which alters the previous pick-up/drop-off method in the original game.

Housemarque has also confirmed the DLC will include new Trophies, though no release, or price have been revealed.


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