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Resident Evil 6 PC to Receive Exclusive Mode

Been waiting for Resident Evil 6 to come to that PC of yours? Well seems like that wait was worth it with Capcom confirming an exclusive mode called The Mercenaries: No Mercy. This new mode takes the fan favourite mode and adds even more enemies on-screen than ever before, allowing players to use their abilities to rack up higher combos than they ever thought possible.

The PC edition of Resident Evil 6 will also include features that were added to the console versions post-launch, including:

  1. Access to Ada Wong campaign from game start

  2. Ability to play Ada Wong campaign with a co-op partner

  3. Ability to fine tune the in-game camera

PC players will also be able to take advantage of the, allowing them to keep track of scores and friends online. PC owners will also be able to check how the game runs on their machines, with a free benchmark test in February.

Resident Evil 6 owners will also have a fourth additional mode called Siege, available this March for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Siege mode can consist between 2-6 players and sees one AI controlled rookie BSA agent in trouble, one teams must help him survive as fellow agents, while the other team takes controls of creatures to take down the rookie. It was also confirmed that the Survivors, Predators and Onslaught game modes will be coming to PlayStation 3 owners in February.

Resident Evil 6 PC players won’t have to wait long after the games March 21 release date to purchase all four game modes, with any further titles updates from the console version being free to all PC players.

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