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Resident Evil 6 Has Nudity

Strange  news to come out of Comic-Con last week, apparently Resident Evil 6 will be the first Resident Evil in the series to have nudity. The game has recently been rated by the ESRB (Entertainment Software Ratings Board) and has been given an M for Mature rating, which every Resident Evil title has been able to gain since the beginning. However this is the first time the game has also been identified as having nudity, to go along with the brutal violence and zombie gore.

“One female boss character (a human-spider hybrid) is depicted nude—though without any discernible details (i.e., no nipples or genitalia); during one attack move, she briefly caresses her breasts while straddling on players’ character.”, was the statement released by ESRB regarding the nudity within the game. Though this may be as tame as nudity can go, it has been enough for it to be flagged by the ESRB as an issue.

These nipples would be Rated-R

However this almost exact description was also seen in Resident Evil: Codename Veronica, yet for some reason that was not classified as an issue back then. Could this be the fact that gaming has become more mainstream over recent years and the ratings have become stricter on such content?

October 6th 2012 is the release date of Resident Evil 6 on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (PC release not yet confirmed). So sadly we will have to wait until then to feast our eyes on some arachnid  “nudity”.

Are you excited about Resident Evil 6? Do you think this even counts as nudity? Let us know in the comments below.

Sources: IGN

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