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‘Resident Evil’ 20th Anniversary Interview – Koji Oda

Capcom has continued celebrating the 2oth anniversary of the Resident Evil series, releasing a new developer interview giving some interesting insight into the Resident Evil series.

The latest interview is with Koji Oda, the director of the Resident Evil 0 Remaster and the original Gamecube release of Resident Evil 0, alongside his work on the original Resident Evil. During the interview Oda gives some insight into the development of the Resident Evil 0 Remaster, where he describes how he wanted to try new things, while also making sure it did not affect the gameplay balance.

The Resident Evil 0 Remaster also contains a specially crafted feature called Wesker Mode, which allows players to control an overpowered Albert Wesker. Oda explains that the development team decided to create this special mode to give something entertaining for players, while discussions were also underway for the player to control enemy creatures; but the idea was ultimately nixed.

Capcom will continue to celebrate the anniversary of Resident Evil throughout 2016, but until the next interview feel free to share some of your fondest Resident Evil memories in the comments below and check out the interview with Resident Evil producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi


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