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Reality Racers in the Works?

Late last week gaming site Siliconera found some very interesting details regarding a trademark that was filed indicating that a new PlayStation Vita title named Reality Racer, may be in the works. More then likely this would be a title related to the Reality Fighter title that was released at launch with the system, this however was one of the weakest titles critically to be released with the system. So this information is strange to say the least.

More Reality?

The information found was only filed for trademark  in Japan, this could mean they once considered creating this title or they are considering it for the future. Although speculation is that it may be connected to Reality Fighters, with not much to go on this is nothing but guess-work. Though with the emphasis on Reality in the name, it is more than likely.

Did you play Reality Fighters on Vita? Did you enjoy it more then the critics? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: IGN

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