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Re-Designed Crash Bandicoot Spotted

The beloved Crash Bandicoot has been gone for many years, the poster boy of PlayStation has hit hard times lately. Since his last adventure in 2008 (Crash: Mind Over Mutant) nothing has been heard from the fiery red bandicoot. Classic Crash adventures have been released on mobile devices, yet nothing new has been on the cards.

However a member of NeoGaf has spotted a very interesting photo from Vicarious Vision’s Facebook page, which seems to include a brand-new re-designed Crash Bandicoot.

Could this piece of artwork be something one of the artists constructed? Could it be a fan-made creation? The art-style in this re-design is reminiscent of Vicarious Visions’ most popular project, Skylanders.

This wouldn’t be the first time an old PlayStation mascot has been included in the series, with the first title bearing the name of one ‘Spyro The Dragon’. However the franchise has now become one of the highest grossing franchises in gaming, and adding Crash Bandicoot into the mixture could be a misplaced opportunity.

This is not the only option however, if you travel back in time to the glory days of the Game Boy Advance. Vicarious Visions developed Crash Bandicoot 2: N-Tranced, so this wouldn’t be the first time the studio has created a Crash Bandicoot title.

What could this mean for Crash Bandicoot? New adventure with a new style? Or could he be making his way to Skylanders in the future? Only time will tell and Analog Addiction, will be there to tell you.

Source: Gamingeverything

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