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Rayman Comes to Mobile Devices

Ubisoft announced to its Rayman fans worldwide today the immediate availability of Rayman: Jungle Run, this is Rayman’s first outing on mobile devices and the appendage-less hero is full of excitement. Jungle Run is available now on iPad, iPod Touch and the popular iPhone for only $2.99, that is an absolute bargain for Rayman’s amazing adventures. Rayman will also make his way to Android devices tomorrow. The game has been built from the ground up to be optimised for the latest mobile devices, it will also be updated very soon to be optimised for the new iPhone 5, Apples latest mobile technology.

The game has been developed by Pasta Games and Ubisoft Montpellier, the great thing about Jungle Run is that it has been powered by the same UbiArt framework engine that Rayman Origins was built upon. Rayman Origins was one of the greatest title of last year and even made an appearance on The Top 25 Games of this Generation on Analog Addiction. The game will feature the beautiful art style Origins was known for, along with touch-based controls allowing the game to easily familiar for mobile gamers, yet extremely difficult to master.

Did you enjoy Origins? If so this will include all the vibrant difficulty that the game had to offer, along with its charming soundtrack all adapted to work extremely well within the mobile devices possibilities. So if you would love some Rayman on the go, this seems like an excellent purchase.

To download the full version of the game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch please visit:

Also from tomorrow the Android version will be available from:

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