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Ralph Nader Calls Video Games “Electronic Child Molesters”

Ralph Nader scorns the video game industry.

Ralph Nader is an American politician and former Green Party presidential candidate, last night he attended the Busboys and Poets’ Peace Ball in Washington. At this event Nader went on record to express his hatred towards video games, calling them “electronic child molesters”.

His comments come at a very critical time for the video games industry, with groups wanting to destroy violent games and the government meeting with gaming company leaders to talk about their violent nature. Nader openly stated that he blames video game culture for the recent shootings in Aurora, Colorado and Sandy Hook, Connecticut. Though there is no given proof, and no evidence to back up these claims.

Nader was also asked for his personal views on Barack Obama’s presidential inauguration today, not shy to express how he truly feels he called it “political bullshit” also stating that the pageantry is full of “promises [Obama] intends to break.”.

We are in the peak of [violence in entertainment]. Television program violence? Unbelievable. Video game violence? Unprecedented,” Nader continued to say. “I’m not saying he wants to censor this, I think he should sensitize people that they should protect their children family by family from these kinds of electronic child molesters.”

Though video games already have their own ratings classification in place to keep young kids away from overly violent products, this obviously is not enough for Ralph Nader.

What are your thoughts on these words? Are these shocking comments justified? Let us know in the comments below.

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